Vine Test Lab Ltd was established in 2006 in Hawkes Bay and provides a testing service for GLRaV-1 and GLRaV-3 to Nurseries and vineyards throughout New Zealand.

Certified propagated grapevine material; Budwood (scion) and Rootstock must be GLRaV-3 tested to comply with NZ Grafted Grapevine Standard (GGS), to reduce the spread of virus via grafted grapevine material and the economic effect that this has on the New Zealand Wine Industry.

VTL is an IANZ accredited Laboratory for testing GLRaV-1 and GLRaV-3, employing the ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) methodology adapted to specifically detect Grapevine Leaf Roll associated Virus 1 (using monoclonal antibodies), and Virus 3 (using polyclonal antibodies).

The Elisa Test has proven to be a highly effective and economic means for screening large numbers of samples to provide virus status to nurseries and vineyards.


Carolyn Price (BSc- Microbiology) with multi discipline experience over a ten year period in Private Pathology (New Zealand and Australia), joined Vine Test Lab in January 2013 as a Laboratory Technician and in January 2014 became the Laboratory Manager.